Been Penny Wise/Pound Foolish

I’ve been taking advantage of Google Photo for its free and unlimited photo storage for years. A friend recently introduced me to the Amber X device and explained to me that all my photos on Google Photos had been downsized to about 1080p resolution. I had been upgrading my cell phone every 1.5-2 years, spending $800-$1000 each time for better camera specs on the latest cell phone models. Ouch! I have deleted most of my original photos over the years thinking that Google had covered my backups. Now all I have left are 1080p resolution photos and videos – something my camera from more than 10 years ago could do! I am kicking myself for the bargain I made with Google Photo and realized that I’ll just have to own my own storage device to keep my high res photos without a subscription. Good thing is that Amber X has a very good photo organization capability and allows me to share with anyone else, so I won’t have to give up on convenience either. With expandable storage capability, I won’t need to worry about storage limits on this little device. Wish I knew all these earlier.