Core Technology


At LatticeWork, we believe that everyone has a right to privacy. But too often people give up their privacy in exchange for convenience. While it is true that individuals decide how they make tradeoffs between convenience and privacy with their digital contents, the prevailing available choices are very binary and unsatisfying. At one end of the spectrum, most cloud solutions focus on convenience but are lacking on privacy protection (the cloud providers can, and many do, see all your active cloud data!). At another end of the spectrum, on-prem data storage on customer owned servers provides the most data security from prying eyes, but it is also the least convenient in terms of remote access and sharing.
At LatticeWork, we reject this binary tradeoff. We believe users can have much of the best of both worlds by adopting a properly designed hybrid cloud solution. Our Amber Hyrbrid Cloud Service allows every on-prem Amber device to become a cloud connected service for maximum access convenience, while users’ data are still physically stored on the Amber device to maintain maximum privacy protection. It is one of our key missions to give people their privacy back without losing the convenience they have come to appreciate from the traditional cloud services.


Hybrid Cloud Technology

Hybrid cloud has been available for big enterprises for a while. But they are more complicated to operate than either pure on-prem solution or pure cloud solution. Setting one up often requires big tech consultants’ help and maintaining it requires either a seasoned IT team or continued support from the consultants. Enterprise hybrid clouds were implemented more for performance reasons than for everyday convenience. For the regular consumers or for small businesses, the traditional enterprise hybrid cloud is beyond their reach, and not practical at all.

The Amber Hybrid Cloud Service is the first hybrid cloud solution that has a highly automated setup flow and nearly no maintenance requirements from the user, making it suitable for small businesses and even everyday consumers – people without either in-house or contract IT consultants

Amber Cloud

In our Amber Hybrid Cloud, every Amber device registers itself to AmberCloud, a purpose-built cloud service run by LatticeWork. To provide cloud convenience for the on-prem/edge Amber devices, we need a cloud service to make every Amber device become cloud connected. The AmberCloud provides route path resolution to anyone with a legitimate access need (eg, as an Amber user, or a cloud user who has received a share link) to the Amber device. Otherwise, the presence of an Amber device is not even known to any other unrelated users, providing the first layer of protection for the Amber devices.

In the Amber Hybrid Cloud, each Amber device maintains its sovereign data domain by controlling its access control permission list. The AmberCloud helps identify the user who attempts to make a data access request. Each Amber device still decides to grant or reject access to the data using its most up-to-date access control permission list stored on the Amber device. We have purposely designed the Amber Hybrid Cloud to have the Amber device rely on as little trust as possible on the AmberCloud, even though we design both sides of the system.

2GB Free Cloud Storage

AmberCloud is a complete cloud storage and sharing platform that can function without an Amber device. For people who do not own an Amber device, we still welcome them to join our AmberCloud service with 2GB of free cloud storage folder. AmberCloud folder is conveniently accessible as just another folder in Amber iX app. Another benefit of offering 2GB free for everyone: sharing can always be reciprocated between people with or without an Amber device because everyone can have some sharable private storage space in the AmberCloud.

Secondary Cloud Backup

For users with mission critical data and understand that there is no sure-proof way of preventing data loss from fire, thefts, vandalism, etc, and for those who had experienced data loss due to whatever reason and know the pain of losing data that could not be regenerated, a secondary backup solution is often warranted. We are working to add secondary cloud backup of Amber device’s data on AmberCloud’s advanced cloud filesystem. All backup data will be encrypted by users’ secret keys so even LatticeWork cannot decode users’ secondary backup data. Backed-up data can be selectively restored or fully recovered onto a new Amber device.

Ransomware Protection

The AmberCloud secondary backup for Amber device will include snapshot service that allows users to see how their data looks like on some previous dates. Aside from allowing selective recovery of user data, it also allows major protection against ransomware attacks. All Amber devices are protected by the AmberCloud to prevent people you don’t know from even contacting it. Amber devices default settings are also set to prevent hackers from accessing the device from outside their home network. However, sophisticated hackers more often break into users PC through phishing and induces people to download malware onto their PC. When the malware is a ransomware, the data on the PC can be encrypted or scrambled and the corrupted data can still be automatically backed up to any backup server, including the Amber device, thus overwriting the good data from prior backups.

Amber Devices

Amber device is a storage device with built-in hybrid cloud capability for users to store their data on-premises for privacy with ease of sharing and access wherever you go. It runs Amber OS based on a reliable and stable Linux Kernel, with

Media Indexing

Many users own a large collection of media files such as photos, videos, music, etc, that can be difficult to find. Mobile devices have made taking photos and videos very easy and thus simply generate useless filenames that is useless for search purpose. We want our users to easily manage and find any media files whenever they need them. We implement the media indexing process to index the information such as photo captured time, captured location, camera devices, etc. So, users can easily find anything they want easily.

AI Technology

AI covers a large set of computer algorithms, including Neural Nets, that mimic human intelligence. We utilize AI facial recognition and object recognition algorithms to help users organize their photos collections so they can find their photos easily.

Smart Albums

We automatically generate albums from user’s photo collections, using algorithms based on anniversaries, out-of-home-base travel, known holidays, etc. We make smart album suggestions to users on some regular basis and learn from their preference through their interaction with the smart albums, all on the Amber device (not depending on AmberCloud).

Client Applications for Major OS

User Interface

While many other companies make many apps and say “there is an App for this or that…”, we understand that users have app download fatique, or simply get confused about what to download when they needed to access another functionality of their server. Available on major OS such as Microsoft Windows PC, Apple MacOS, Android mobile and iOS devices, the Amber iX app is a multi-function/all-in-one app that allows user to back-up their host digital content, view media files easily in Photo view mode, explore any of their organized digital files in file explorer view mode, share a file/folder/album to anyone, view incoming shared items from someone else, and check on key status of their Amber device using a single App. The desktop version of Amber iX app even allows user to remote mount a folder from their Amber device, allowing them to access their Amber files using the native host explorer app and opening files using whatever other third party apps they are used to using (office doc, photo-editors, etc), all while they are on-the-go. Users don’t need to switch between different LatticeWork apps or install new packages to access the key functions of their Amber device.