Consumer Solutions

Backup Mobile Photos/Videos

Automatically backup images and videos from one or multiple mobile devices and free up limited storage space. Compatible with both Android and iOS so you are not stuck with just one manufacturer’s solution.

Backup Your Desktop Files

Keep your most important files on your PC backed up to your Amber personal cloud device and make them available for sharing to anyone. The desktop Amber iX app works on both MacOS and Windows computers. Apple users can also use their Amber device for Time Machine backups.

Backup Photos from Digital Cameras

Insert your digital camera’s SD card into the SD card slot on Amber X and sync its content into Amber X. Or, if you are on the go with a PC, insert your SD card into your PC and use the desktop Amber iX app to backup the SD card content to your Amber device.

Organize Photos with Auto-Indexing and AI

Amber automatically indexes your photos by source device, backup device, time, place, etc, and organizes your photos using AI facial recognition and object detection algorithms. Easily find your photos with filtering options when you have a large collection of photos. Built-in duplicate photo detection also allows you to declutter your photo view by hiding the duplicates. Other cloud services may have similar capability but you have to give up your privacy when you upload your photos. Make no compromise between privacy and convenience by using your own private Amber personal cloud device.

  • Create albums to organize your photos and videos when available filter and search options won’t fit the task. Easily add new photos from either file-explorer view or photo-view when you find something interesting that should belong to a particular album. Further organize albums in groups if you have a large number of albums.

  • Enjoy your media content on your Amber iX app wherever life takes you. Access any photos and videos that originated from any other devices as long as they are all backed up to your Amber device.

  • Access your files anywhere you go with the file-explorer built into your amber iX app. With the desktop version of the amber iX app, you can further export an amber folder as a virtual drive to your PC filesystem, allowing you to navigate the folder using the native file explorer on your PC and to use other apps you already have to open their supported filetypes (eg, powerpoint, excel, photoshop, etc).

  • Share any file, folder, or album to anyone with an AmberCloud account, who could be anywhere in the world. No need to create a local account on your Amber device. AmberCloud will ensure that only those people you share something with can access the shared content specific for them.

  • Amber supports Chromecast, DLNA, and HDMI connectivity to your TV and allow you to control which photos, videos or music to your big screen TV from you Amber iX app. That means you can even control your home TV remotely while traveling, showing off pictures and videos you take during your travel to your family members.

  • To protect your Amber device content against rare but destructive incidents such as fire, theft or storage device failure, your Amber device allows you to create a secondary backup copy of the on-device content to an external drive. Just be sure to store the external device to a different location after the secondary backup/sync for maximum protection.



Safe and Easy to Use
I’m an IG content creator and we take tons of photos; this device was super easy to setup and use. Ideal for safe sharing within my family and accessible on the go.



Works as expected. I needed cloud without subscription, without hassle over configuring the device or worrying about security. The best part is being able to expand how much it can hold so you wouldn’t need to buy another one of these or be shoved onto a subscription when space runs out.



No more iCloud
I finally set up my iPhone to backup my Photo app automatically. That went amazing. I don’t get the notifications that my iCloud needs to be backed up anymore!

Been Penny Wise/Pound Foolish

I’ve been taking advantage of Google Photo for its free and unlimited photo storage for years. A friend recently introduced me to the Amber X device and explained to me…

Sleek and Sweet

I set up my iPhone to back up my photo app automatically and I freed up storage spaces from my iCloud which had been full for a long time, and…

Great Back up Storage

My 21,000 photos have been backed up using this and I am extremely pleased. There was no need to perform any additional steps to get it started. It surprised me…

Outstanding Product!

I pay for two subscription services for cloud drive but wanted to have my own. The Amber X made that possible with a reasonable price – but, most surprising –…