Solutions For Professionals

Integration With Any Device For Remote File Access

Export an Amber folder as a virtual drive to your PC file system or Mac finder using the Amber iX app to enable navigation of the remote folder using your native file explorer. The remote access capability of your Amber iX app ensures that this export function works anywhere including outside of your home/office network. With this capability, you can continue to perform your work and tasks using the favorite PC apps you already have to open their supported filetypes (i.e.: Powerpoint, Excel, Photoshop, etc), wherever you need to be.

Open/Edit/Collaborate on Office Documents

Open and edit shared document files with colleagues, clients or partners… even at the same time! Incredibly easy to use remotely, using the Amber iX app

Create Custom Servers of Popular Open-Sourced Applications

With the AmberPRO extension, you can quickly install popular open-source server apps available on the Amber App Store, without any IT knowledge. These server apps have been tested by the Amber Team so you don’t have to sweat to make them work. For the motivated users, you can still build and install other server apps yourself and run it under the AmberPRO environment. (See what’s on Amber App Store.)

  • It is no fun if your custom server is only accessible from inside your home/office local network. Create an external URL for your custom server with the optional Amber Anywhere service, so you can securely access your server app (and only that server app) from anywhere in the world. No need to use a VPN into your home network, and no need to figure out how to configure your router for port forwarding.

  • Your Amber device is the first line of backup for your data to ensure that if your mobile or PC device fails, you will still have your data. However, disasters, no matter how unlikely, can still hit some random users. If protecting your data is paramount or if you run a business and worry about business continuity, you might want to consider a secondary backup of the data on your Amber device to our AmberCloud. Your Amber device serves the primary backup function and all access and share activities will still be served by it, while the secondary backup is a cold backup that is fully-encrypted but available for restore only with your own decryption key. Your secondary backup, being offsite from your Amber device, ensures that your data won’t all disappear due to a single disaster event. (sign-up to wait in line for early test-user access)

  • AmberCloud secondary backup for Amber device comes with snapshot capability to allow access to older backup data. This is an important feature not only because you may need to recover older files from time to time (eg, you made a mistake in a previous edit that got backed up), but also against ransomware infection on your computer which maliciously modified your files and the modified files eventually propagate into your backup systems. With the ability to go back to a previous snapshot version, you have a chance to recover most of your data except for the most recently created ones before a snapshot is taken. There is no easy way to recover from ransomware except to pay for the ransom (which may not always work), or you have a backup system with snapshot capability.


Safe and Easy to Use
I’m an IG content creator and I take tons of photos; this device was super easy to setup and use. It’s ideal for safe sharing within my family, and accessible on the go.


Works as expected. I needed cloud without convenience without a subscription, without hassle over configuring the device, or worrying about security. The best part is being able to expand how much it can hold, so I wouldn’t need to buy another, or be forced into a subscription upgrade fees.


No more iCloud
I easily set up my iPhone to backup my photos automatically. It went amazingly fast! I don’t get the notifications that my iCloud needs to be upgraded anymore, it’s so nice!

Been Penny Wise/Pound Foolish

I’ve been taking advantage of Google Photo for its free and unlimited photo storage for years. A friend recently introduced me to the Amber X device and explained to me…

Sleek and Sweet

I set up my iPhone to back up my photo app automatically and I freed up storage spaces from my iCloud which had been full for a long time, and…

Great Back up Storage

My 21,000 photos have been backed up using this and I am extremely pleased. There was no need to perform any additional steps to get it started. It surprised me…

Outstanding Product!

I pay for two subscription services for cloud drive but wanted to have my own. The Amber X made that possible with a reasonable price – but, most surprising –…