Declutter Your Digital Downloads: Without Losing Everything

Your downloads folder: the veritable junk drawer of your computer. In between the screenshots, memes, and who knows what else, there’s important information hidden in there. But, when you go to find something, you’re not sure if it ended up in the downloads folder, on DropBox, GoogleDrive, or some other service you can’t remember, much less find the password for.

When it comes to decluttering, whether it’s our digital lives or our sock drawer, we meet the same challenges: safety, security, and stability. According to Dr. Frank Niles, a PhD, social scientist, and life and business strategist, “You may think, ‘I’ve used this tool one time and I may never use it again — but what if I need it in the future? I want to be able to have that thing at that time to address that need.”

Even though you can’t see them in the same way you would with stacks of old photos or documents, this digital detritus is taking up space in your hard drive and your wallet through subscriptions.

How do you keep track of the digital memories you want to preserve, save your valuable storage space for the things that matter without spending hours sorting through the clutter, and make sure you know how to find things when you need them? Eliminating multiple accounts, clearing your devices on your terms, and choosing a single source for your data will get you on track to ditch the disorder – ensuring your stuff is SAFE and PRIVATE.

Stop Wasting Space and Money on Duplicate Cloud Accounts

Nearly every cloud provider has some way to connect folders for automatic upload to the cloud, including a downloads or documents folder or camera rolls. As these folders grow, it creates duplicates in several places, and soon it’s hard to know what you saved where.

Pretty quickly, your allotted amount of free storage space is used up in your cloud accounts, and you’re getting warning messages about the amount of free space left on your hard drive. It’s possible to just pay a few extra dollars a month or purchase a yearly subscription, but all those subscriptions add up in your budget and your digital footprint. According to a study by The New York Times and Mint, consumers spent $640 in 2019 on digital subscriptions, including cloud storage. This is one of the biggest problems our early Amber X VIP Backers have directly shared with us, one customer saying they are looking forward to Amber X help with “saving money, providing more space and easier (digital file) management”. This is why we created Amber X, to enable our users to rely on a home hub for all important memories while freeing up smart devices, computer hard drives and your wallet.

Clear Out Your Smart Device Without Fear

Anyone who has experienced a hard drive failure knows the pain of losing important photos and memories — sometimes they can be recovered, sometimes not. And, if your hard drive is between 3 to 5 years old, it could be a ticking time bomb, since the rate of failure increases dramatically in year 4. This fear of losing data can translate into a hesitation to delete anything from your phone or computer just in case it might be lost forever.

But, when you’re at that soccer game, you don’t want to spend that moment deciding what to delete or what to keep in order to record new videos or take photos. Keeping on top of your storage space on your terms means there’s always room for something new and you don’t miss anything.

Streamlining where you store your files so you can access them wherever and whenever you’d like gives you the peace of mind to delete at will and know your files are safe.

Controlling Your Cloud

Sharing your memories should be easy and not require a lot of hoops to jump through first. So, once you’ve picked where you want to store your data, make sure you’ve got the control you need to share what you want with the people who want to see it. This goes for spur of the moment baby picture sharing with an acquaintance at the grocery store as well as sharing photos of a recent trip with your travel buddies. It’s also great when it’s automatically organized for you for easy sharing, a feature that Amber X provides our on-device AI that utilizes facial recognition technology to index photos locally – not shoots them off to someone else’s cloud for processing.

Choosing where you want to host these files matters too — if you don’t want to upload your photos and videos to Google or YouTube first, then picking a different cloud service gives you the freedom to decide where your data is stored. This allows you to pick an alternative to some of the big tech giants.

With the Amber X platform, you get everything you need to manage your digital storage and kick the annoying “Space needed” alerts to the curb. Not only do you have autonomy over your data and streamlined backup service, but you also have secure sharing and access across all your devices. Eliminate duplicate cloud subscription services and keep what is essential. Go ahead, break up with big tech and own your data with Amber X.

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Carlos Rodriguez
Chief Marketing Officer