Latticework Inc. and DeGirum Corp. Unveil Strategic Collaboration: ORCA M.2 Edge-AI Module Integration into Amber OS-Enabled Devices Ushers in a New Wave of Edge-AI Applications

San Jose, California, September 19, 2023 – Latticework Inc. and DeGirum Corp. are excited to announce their groundbreaking collaboration. This partnership integrates the DeGirum ORCA M.2 Accelerator module into Latticework’s Amber OS-enabled cloud edge solutions, heralding a new era of enhanced edge AI capabilities and a broad spectrum of innovative applications.

Amber OS, hailed as the world’s premier AI-driven smart storage platform featuring a personal hybrid cloud, is crafted to offer users unparalleled data privacy, convenience, and control. Renowned for its durability and adaptability, Amber OS ensures enhanced storage options and top-tier security measures, guaranteeing data protection and easy access.

By leveraging the ORCA M.2 Edge-AI accelerator module, Amber OS based IPC devices will be equipped to handle advanced AI processing directly at the edge. This ensures rapid data processing, bolstered data privacy, and security. More importantly, this integration will unlock many potential applications at the edge.

Further amplifying this collaboration is the DeGirum Cloud Platform, enabling developers to create sophisticated AI applications with just a few lines of code. The Delight Cloud Platform is designed to streamline the development cycle, from ML model design and application development to deployment.

“Our collaboration with DeGirum, signifies our dedication to advancing the edge AI frontier,” commented Dr. Pantas Sutardja, Founder of Latticework Inc. “The fusion of ORCA M.2 Edge-AI module with our Amber OS-enabled devices is set to revolutionize user experiences across multiple commercial applications that require autonomous and/or high-performance operations”.

Winston Lee, CEO and co-founder of DeGirum, added, “the results of our partnership with LatticeWork bodes well for DeGirum’s mission to facilitate rapid development and deployment of compelling, quality edge AI applications.”

About Latticework Inc.: Latticework Inc. stands at the forefront of cloud-edge solutions with Amber OS, the world’s first AI-powered smart storage platform with a personal hybrid cloud. This platform is designed to empower consumers with data privacy, convenience, and control.

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About DeGirum Corp: DeGirum is a leading provider of HW & SW solutions for Edge AI development. DeGirum’s ORCA Family of products offers flexible, efficient, and affordable AI accelerators that deliver on metrics that matter. Powered by the Delight Cloud Platform, the SW solutions simplify, shorten, and streamline the development cycle, from ML model design and application development to product deployment.

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