Leading the Edge at ISE 2023 in Barcelona

The Amber Team

Most people know Amber for its consumer products that help individuals, families, and small businesses regain their digital sovereignty. These products are easy to use, run AI-enabled apps, and connect securely across the internet. Privacy isn’t just a feature; it’s central to our technology and mission.

Enterprises and governments increasingly need low-latency, AI-enabled computing at “the edge,” or in other words, where data is collected and accessed. Those wanting to do so quickly, securely, and while safeguarding the privacy of their customers and citizens can benefit from Amber’s technology. That is why we will present Amber OS at the ISE Conference in Barcelona. We invite anyone attending to visit our booth (CS530) in the Discovery Zone. Here we will be providing a demo of AI-enabled license plate recognition. We’ll also discuss other applications, including construction site surveillance, parking lot break-in detection, industrial sensors processing, vehicle traffic monitoring, medical fall detection, and more.

Put simply, Amber OS enabled hardware with Docker support, secure remote access, and AI acceleration makes edge computing easier. We hope you’ll come and learn more.