Save Money On Your Next New Phone Purchase

There’s a new iPhone and new Samsung Galaxy released every year, and always with a few new bells and whistles to entice you into making that necessary (or unnecessary) upgrade. Personally, I’m always looking at the camera lens upgrade or faster chip, even the longer battery life, which is always a bonus.

Phone Groups on Amber iX

So if you are one of those people that always needs the latest and greatest, there is an easy way to save money on that purchase. You see, one of the ways that the phone companies increase their revenue is by selling you the largest storage capacity possible. Take Apple for instance, current charges as of this post for a 128 GB iPhone is $799. A 512 GB iPhone will cost you $1099! That’s $300 extra for space that you don’t actually need if you have an Amber X or Amber Pro device.

Apple iPhone price chart June 2023

There’s a secret Apple doesn’t want you to know with iCloud, and Google with their Photo Cloud service. Yes, these cloud services will back up all of your photos and videos automatically, but it’s actually synching your photos. Eventually, if you want more space, you’ll have to pay more per month to keep backing up. If you erase a photo from your photo roll, you erase the photo from the cloud service as well! Not only that, but Apple and Google make it seem like your phone is more full than it actually is by keeping a large chunk of that data on the phone rather than offloading it to the cloud.

Counter to those practices is the Amber. Both Amber X and Amber Pro back up your photo and video files automatically, wherever you have an internet signal. As soon as you backup those files, you can delete them from your phone and they will remain on your Amber, safe and sound. What this does is free up space on your phone for more of those awesome photos and videos you take daily.

Want the extra awesome news? Forget about those subscription fees charging you for storage data. Amber has no such subscription fees.

So do you need the largest capacity phone in your next purchase? Not likely. Grab an Amber X for less than that upgrade “tax” that the big companies charge you. Save space on your phone, keep your data organized, and keep your data safe- Amber will save you money and hassle right at the get go!